Friday, September 25, 2020

Testing Time | Usability testing | Home based work

 TESTING TIME is a Usability testing platform. To understand what is Usability testing read my earlier post on Usability testing.

Founded in 2015, this is a Switzerland based company. This has a wide client base and clients are from such fields as retail, banking, insurance, hospitality etc.. This is an international site and people from all walks of life work for this company.

You can either work in person with the client or you can be paid to work from home. The earnings will be useful to you as your pocket money and you cannot expect to make a living out of the money.

 You have to give your opinion as a user of the product or service which will be used to improve the product or service. The product or service can be anything from an app to online services. The product or service which will be launched will come to your review.

You need to first sign up in the site and complete your profile. The information that you provide in this process will be used to match Test for your profile. Also, there is no investment or registration fees that you need to provide.

You also need some software like Skype, Zoom etc. to participate in the process of study.

Process of study

  • After registration you will receive an email invitation from the site to participate.
  • Answer the questions given in the email and also select a time according to your schedule. 
  • Participation in the test will be based on first come, first served basis.
  • If you get matched you will receive an invitation for the test.
  • On the scheduled date and time, you have to take part in the test either in person or through skype etc.
  • There will be a moderator who will guide you through the process.
  • You have to voice your thought loudly and give your opinion truthfully.
  • A typical test will last for 30 mins to 90 mins.
   Based on where you live you will receive an average of 1-2 tests per week. You can earn upto Euro 50 per hour. The money will be deposited in your account within 10 days of your completing the test. Money will be deposited to Paypal or bank account of your choice.

This is truly one of the best online work.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Validately | Usability testing | Work at home jobs

 The site I am talking in this post is Validately. This is a Usability testing platform. Usability testing means testing a website, app or other digital products by using testers. Testers will be asked to complete a test etc. on the website, app etc. Testers will be watched as they complete such tests and the problems faced by them are noted . This information is used to improve the product.

The site has a good customer base. You can become a tester in Validately and start testing. This article will tell about that .

To start with you have to first register in the site. Registration process is simple, but at the end of the registration process there will be mock usability testing to know how you fair in the test. You will get email with a link to the test. Also you may have to provide your demographic information on registration. On successful completion of the test, you will receive an email regarding your success and you join the panel of testers.

This is a work at home job and you need not have to pay any registration fees. To join you will need the following.

  • Computer along with a microphone
  • Google chrome browser
  • Internet connection (high speed)
You also need the following qualification.

  • You must be at least of 18 years of age
  • You should have the ability to communicate in English
 The process of testing:-

When a test matching your profile is received, you will receive an email with a link to the test. You will click on that and you will be taken to the test. The test will be recorded. When testing you have to think aloud and voice your opinion, answers etc..

In the testing process you will be asked to complete specific tasks and there may be some survey questions. You may have to talk loud the answers. Each session will be of 15 minute duration. Once the testing is finished the video will be uploaded to the site.

Once the video is uploaded the client has 7 days of time to accept or reject the response received from you. You will get email from them once response is received.

If unsuccessful you can take the test again if the test is not closed. 

Payments :-

Payments are through paypal and you will need a paypal account. You can earn from $ 10- $ 70 based on the test you are doing. It is one of the good ways to ean money online.

I hope the article is useful to you. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Ask Wonder | Earn money online from Research | Home based work without investment

 If You are a research enthusiast then the site that I am going to bring to you in this post is for you. The site name is Ask Wonder. It acts like a research assistant for the persons who are looking for research.

In short it is a research website. You can earn money online from research in respect of the projects assigned to you in the site. 

You can join as a researcher in the website. Many top companies provide their research work to the site, which in turn gets distributed among the researchers. If you want an intellectually challenging work like research, then this site is a place for you.

It is a home based work and no investment is required from your part.Also you can work at your convenient time. 

The kind of research you can choose from are

  • Recommendation of product or service
  • Competitive landscaping
  • Explanation of a trend or a phenomenon taking place
  • Gathering statistics
  • Size of market determination etc.     
Registration :- 
  1. To register you have to first complete an application form online.This is simple one.
  2. Then you have to show your research skill through a quiz which will be simple and there will be a trial assignment.
  3. Then after approval you can start researching on a live basis.
You can visit your dashboard at your convenient time, when you are ready to work.They will assign you a request to work. You can select the work assigned and start finding answers and sources for your work.Then you can put forth your findings.  

You can very well make around $10 a question or more. You can earn more by working more. Paypal withdrawl option is available for withdrawing your money.

Hope the introduction to this site in our website was useful to you. You can google search based on the name of the website and join the site.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Make money from mobile app| Feature points | Home based work

 Now we are going to see about Feature Points. You can search the site in Google. Feature Points provides a mobile app which you can download from App store/Google play.

Since it uses a mobile app you can use your spare time to earn points and encash the points. It is a free app and you need not have to pay any money for any reason.

There are several ways from which you can earn from Feature points.

1. Contests :- You can win from contests upto 50,000 points instantly. If you like participation in contests, then if you earn money from here, it will be a good source of funding for you.

2. Surveys :- You can share your opinions on surveys and earn money.  

3. Cash backs :- You can do shopping at the stores and the process will earn you cash backs.

4. Apps  :- You can download apps and free games. You have to use it for some time and then you can earn points.

5. Referrals :- You can refer your friends and earn upto 50% of the earning that he earns every time.

You can encash your earnings through various sources. Some of them are 

  • gift cards of Amazon
  • paypal
  • bitcoin
  • and several others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      You have several choices with regard to rewards.
Hope these were useful to you. Happy earning. 

Job portal NCS| National Career Service

 NCS is a job portal started by the Ministry of Labour and Employment (India). This site was started in the year 2015. To search for jobs you have to first register in the site.

One important aspect about the site is that the site arranges for training and career guidance for candidates. This is one of the good measures taken by the site.

The portal is also supported by multi language call centers. So people can interact in their own language.

Interesting aspect about the site is that the site provides for 

  • Job search
  • Job matching service
  • Career contents
  • Information about job fairs
  • Counselling 
  • Information on local service providers like plumbers and more.

The site has a separate section for home based jobs. You can click on that button and search for available home based jobs. The jobs will be lined up in several category. You can filter the jobs according to your needs.

The job vacancies can be searched based on State and Union territories, Sector based (eg;- Finance, Marketing etc.), and other kind of jobs like Government jobs, home based jobs etc. So this is another way to look for the job which is in your mind.

After registration, you have to update your profile. Then you can start searching for jobs.You have to update the job preference and jobs will be filtered and given to you according to your criteria.

Hope this information was useful to you.